Paint and Plastic Soldiers


Live to Win

This is it. Crunch time. Two weeks, one deadline, one tournament. It's time for me to paint my army.


Upcoming Tourney - 1500 point list

There's a 1500 point 40k tournament coming up next month here in Ottawa, at a yearly board, card, and miniature gaming convention known as CanGames. So I've got until May 17 to buy, build and paint two more Rhinos, two Land Speeders, and two Attack Bikes for the following list. After I finish my Baal and my Assault Squads, anyway.



Those stalwart few of you who have followed this blog from the beginning may have been wondering what precisely I've been doing, and why, pray tell, have I not been posting? Either that or you've never been here before, or perhaps even you're not terribly interested. Well, I'm going to tell y'all anyway.


Progress: Baal Predator (Blood Angels)

Here comes a progress report on my shiny new Baal Predator!