Paint and Plastic Soldiers


Finally, A Challenge Worthy of My Skill!

So I'm going to get in on a Blood Angels-only painting contest featured on Bell of Lost Souls and sponsored by BattleForgeGames. It's certainly worth doing, since I stand to potentially win a new Baal Predator, a box of Sanguinary Guard and a box of Death Company! You know, if I'm good enough.

I've got to assemble and paint either a new plastic Baal Predator, a squad of Sanguinary Guard OR a squad of Death Company by May 21. And because I have got to post SOMETHING on this blog once in a while, I'm posting progress shots here as I go!

Wish me luck!


PS: I'm not actually cocky - the post title is a quote from the Imperial Guard Enginseer from Dawn of War: Winter Assault.