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Then We Will Fight In The Shade (Dark Eldar Army Blog - Part I)

Hey folks,

I've been working (slowly, as usual) on something really interesting - a Dark Eldar army. Yay! Isn't everyone, though? Well, let's show you something a little different then:

An Archon with talons, perhaps?

Dark Eldar Archon

And with a bit of paint on him:

Dark Eldar Archon

I don't know where I came up with the idea of using Necron Flayed One talons for hands, but I credit my failed attempts to bend an Agonizer into a more reasonable shape (resulting in it snapping) with the decision to use it as a sort of Predator-like scorpion-tail-ish gun-appendage. I'm counting him as having an Agonizer and a Splinter Pistol - having those blade-hands give you a tickle has got to be unpleasant.

I had to drill holes into the arms and the Flayed One talons in order to pin them into place - there's no way you're going to just get a mere surface-hold to stay put.

You'll also have to clip and flatten the bulb wrist part of the Flayed One talons in order to have a good surface to drill into. They come like that because they're meant to be slotted into the hollow ends of the Flayed One model's arms.

Anyway, feel free to leave comments. I'll try to get some better pictures as I continue along with the painting process.

Me out.


  1. Looking at the unpainted model, I had my doubts, but he really turned out well. I couldn't tell from the topic picture that he was bald. Very nifty (and unique) commander you have there.

  2. Looks great mate, i really like it!

  3. This is a really really cool conversion! The claws re a perfect match and I'm liking the armor color scheme so far.

    I can't wait to see more.

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