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Live to Win, Epilogue

So, on the 17th of May I went to Cangames. One win, one tie, one loss, but plenty of fun had by all!

This is the final result of my epic quest to get as much assembled and painted as possible:

Got the Baal finished, all but red highlights and mural on the second Rhino, all but the red and the mural finished on the third Rhino, and did a couple coats of red on the Bikes and the four lost Tactical Marines.

Quite a bit of progress, and it's shown me what I can do with a couple of weeks and a lot of pressure. If I can have one night a week where I work as hard as I did each day I worked to get my army tournament-ready, I'll achieve a great deal more than I did during my nearly year-long painting slump.

Next project: A step-by-step look at how I do a freehand mural on the top of a Rhino. I'll probably do a step-by-step for both, just to give plenty of examples.

This is the Steel Paladin, Jordan, signing off.

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