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Progress: Baal Predator (Blood Angels)

Here comes a progress report on my shiny new Baal Predator!
The night before last, I installed magnets on the sponsons of my Baal Predator tank to allow me to swap out my heavy bolters for heavy flamers whenever I chose to do so. It'll also be a great help for storage, since the guns always got in the way before.

Last night, I added another couple of coats of red (a mix of Blood Red and Red Gore which was a bit watery until I thickened it up with some matte acrylic medium and added some flow improver) to the Baal to better match the red on it to my existing Rhino and Vindicator.

To see more images of my Blood Angels army, please visit
photos/steelpaladin/. Of course, I'll post some pictures as I go - it's just been a little busy for me to take these pictures yet.

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